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Applying the Science of Human Interaction



For over 25 years, iMapSSI has pioneered the application of assessment tools for personal and organizational success.  Through the analysis of data, we capture the complete picture of individuals, teams and enterprises and provide solutions to reach their goals faster.  The company was concepted and founded by author and speaker, Connie Charles, who is recognized internationally as an authority on behavioral analytics.


We take a three-step approach as building blocks to our solution:

  1. We map personality through individual and team assessment instruments which take just minutes to complete.  Based on decades of research, these instruments are statistically accurate and have been third-party validated.  

  2. We analyze this data which contain over 2 trillion combinations of variables focused on individual and team performance.   This data is organized into different outputs and reports.

  3. We then apply this data to real-life solutions that provide guidance to individuals at home, at play and at work ensuring organizational success.


All of our solutions are geared to improve performance. iMapSSI has developed a 50,000-person database which is leveraged into a number of products.

  • iMapMyTeam - Leadership and team development with real-time reports accessed online via the iMapMyTeam dashboard.  This solution focused on Fortune 500 corporations and government entities.

  • iMapMyLife - Designed for the individual, this solution provides real-life guides to understand and improve interpersonal behaviors and relationships.  Multiple guides are available providing insight into different dimensions of a person and how they relate to others. A cornerstone guide is the Career Planning tool which helps the individual at the beginning and during their career journey.

  • iMapMyEducation - Directed at teachers and administrators, this solution maps the classroom giving the teacher critical insight into the motivations and obstacles to effective learning.  This data also works in reverse, giving students an understanding of their teacher’s approach to instruction as well.

  • iMapGolf - Our breakthrough inner golf science produces better golfers. A golfer’s uniqueness is revealed in our short survey. It shows behaviors, reactions and stressors of the individual golfer. Combined with a vast library of golf situations, a map to successful management of the golfer’s emotions, feelings and thinking is developed. The map is accompanied by specific solutions to improve the golfer’s game.

  • iMapAI - The newest addition to the iMap portfolio, iMapAI leverages the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to uncover previously unknowable data hidden within the assessment tools, and potentially replace the need for the individual to take a questionnaire itself.  


iMapSSI has proven results in creating success for individuals and teams.


Company A: Defense Industry Manufacturer 

Building communication, trust and decreasing stress during complex projects.

iMap was used to support a leadership team that resulted in one of the largest Air Force awards won that year by anyone in the defense industry. The iMapMyTeam dashboard was used to integrate both customers and suppliers into the process This helped keep customer relationships strong and gave the ability to navigate some critical program issues. iMap enabled stakeholders with differing priorities get aligned quickly. 


To assess the effectiveness of the iMap process, a study was conducted with two engineering teams. The results demonstrated that the engineering team using the iMap process handled stress better, communicated with each other more easily and had more trust with their teammates.


Company B: Pharmaceutical Manufacturer 

Helping scientists improve interpersonal skills and building bridges across cultures.

When teams are in different countries and personalities take center stage, people are quick to blame cultural differences for the inability to get along. While geography can play a role, interpersonal skills also impact effectiveness. This is especially true with teams of researchers and scientists whose technical skills are often stronger than their interpersonal ones. 


This project combined individual coaching sessions with facilitated team dynamics workshops where everyone participated together. As a result, the clinical trials across the two countries progressed more smoothly and efficiently shortening the cycle for drug approval.


Company C: Cosmetics Manufacturer 

Decreased turnover, increased productivity.

A medium sized, privately held company that has a decentralized sales organization led by regional managers. 

This organization has been using the iMap platform for 10 years to hire their sales people. Using the platform, they are provided with an overview of the characteristics of a candidate and interview questions that help them find the right fit. Once hired, each regional manager receives a comparison of their own characteristics with the new hire along with reports to help them manage that person. This results in decreased employee turnover and increased sales revenue. 



For a deeper dive into iMapSSI, visit our website at or email us at

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