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Dave Bisbee

Program Director

With more than 40 years of experience Dave is renowned for his innovative methods and easy going style helping thousands of golfers gain greater satisfaction through improved performance. Known by his peers as a teacher of teachers Dave has pioneered an integrated system that links mind, body, and Golf. This holistic approach connects the dots that lead to achieving goals.

Dave has authored several books including the best selling Back on Course: Drive Business Performance Through Golf, and instructional videos as well as many innovative programs for Fortune 500 companies that combine golf with executive development.


Dave Bisbee



Dave's clear, concise approach to teaching the fundamentals involved in the variety of shots that make up the game, from putting to driving and everything in between, will provide you with immediate improvement in your game.

Sessions are customized for individuals, couples, and small groups to target swing improvements or a specific area of your game like bunker shots or getting the most out of your driver. Progressive learning programs offer skill development over a series of sessions. Learn the fundamentals and develop essential practice routines to help you achieve your goals.


Private Session


This one on one session is a great way to target a specific swing flaw or area of your game i.e. Bunker Shots or getting the most out of your driver, or curing a slice.


Private Plus


A great way for couples or friends that work on their game together to partner up. Private Plus is 90 minutes and can accommodate up to 4 people. It’s like a work out buddy to keep you motivated.


Private Series


Designed to take a participant through a progression of skill development over four one-hour sessions. Learn the fundamentals and develop essential practice routines to help you achieve your goals.


Playing Session


Almost everyone has had this experience . . . You seem to have success with your instructor at the Driving Range, but have trouble taking it on the course. A Playing Session could be the cure. Break through mental barriers, learn personal game strategies and discover how well you can play.


The Complete Golfer School


As the title implies, the school aims to make you a Complete Golfer. The curriculum was designed by Dave Bisbee and boasts over 30,000 graduates world-wide. Conducted over two-days, this school covers it all. Included are workbooks, P.A.R. System and Practice Plan, and Equipment Analysis.


Assessment Suite:

3 Hours

This is a comprehensive assessment of every aspect of your game including:

  • iMap mental game plan

  • Launch monitor shot analysis

  • Equipment eval and fitting

  • Video swing analysis/lesson

  • Game stats/practice plan

    If you are serious about your game this information is essential.

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