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Tee Us Up For Success

It's no coincidence that golf is the #1 leisure activity among business professionals, or that the game is the leading recreational activity at corporate meetings, conventions, and client hospitality events. Add to that the fact that more than 85% of top executives at Fortune 500 companies play golf and it becomes should make golf part of your business strategy. Our team is here to help you develop a "scratch" handicap in business golf. Our programs are designed to improve not only your golf game but also how to leverage the golf experience to forge deeper relationships, develop stronger teams, and supercharge networking opportunities. 

Popular Programs Include

Level the Playing Field:
Drive It Through the Glass Ceiling

Designed specifically for executive women who recognize that the shortest road to the top may be the cart path. This workshop fast-tracks the learning experience for women by combining an easy-to-master approach to golf skills with the fundamentals of business etiquette for the golf course.  Step up to the tee and get into the game!

Be A "Scratch" Handicap
Business Golfer

Executive Golfer 

As the name suggests this is an immersive program that covers everything from improving your golf performance to giving you everything you need to become a scratch handicap at the game of Business Golf. The perfect mix of classroom, practice tee, and on course experiences will put you in control of your game. 
Available in 1, 2, and 3 day sessions this is one of our most popular programs. 

Challenge  your High Performers: 

The Strategic Scramble

This fun, interactive program challenges teams to successfully manage changing conditions as they execute a business strategy on the golf course.  With the spotlight focused on the skills that made them so successful at work, even the non-golfer contributes to the play.  Rewards go to the foursome that gets the best return on investment.

Master the
Hour Meeting: 

Business Golf Essentials

You only have one shot at a first impression, and usually, it’s the first tee.  Everyone hears about the deals that are made on the golf course.  No one is talking about the business that was lost due to being unprepared for a ‘five-hour meeting’.  This course teaches the business person how to put together an effective strategy for managing a round of golf that has a higher purpose than a low score. Tee it up with confidence.

Sharpen Sales Skills:

Decision Drivers

Get to the heart of why your client buys from you. Do you pursue the business aggressively or easily back off? This program will give the salesperson the analytical tools to understand the buying needs of a prospect and modify their sales style to close the deal. Gain a competitive edge and insight to sharpen your sales skills.

Provide the spark for newly formed teams or ones that need to be recharged.  The golf course becomes the classroom where teams learn real-world lessons on building successful working relationships.  Handling pressure, managing disagreements, and seizing opportunities are all illustrated in this on-course simulation.  By using golf as a metaphor, tough issues become easy to talk about, strengths become obvious and the combined potential of the team is unlocked.  Don’t miss this unique method for getting to the heart and soul of your team.

Energize Your Team: 

The Tee Off

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